Project Description

Dr. Jonathan Nai-chi YEUNG


Prof. LEE Tatia Mei-chun

Office: 6.16

Phone: (852) 3917-8205



Degree qualifications

  • PhD (Psychology), University of New South Wales
  • MBA (Distinction), University of Hull
  • MSocSc (Educational Psychology), University of Hong Kong
  • BSc, University of Hong Kong

Professional qualifications

  • Associate Fellow, British Psychological Society
  • Chartered Psychologist, British Psychological Society


  • Psychological measurement
  • Personality psychology
  • Individual differences in coping strategies.


Chan, C.K.Y., & Yeung, N.C.J. (In press). Rethinking the “Tiger Parent” Stereotypes: Parents’ Choice of Primary School for Their Kindergarten Children in Hong Kong. Journal of School Choice.

Chan, C. K. Y. and Yeung, N. C. J. (2020). Students’ ‘approach to develop’ in holistic competency: an adaption of the 3P model. Educational Psychology, 40:5, 622-642, DOI: 10.1080/01443410.2019.1648767.

Chan, C.K.Y., Yeung, N.C.J. (Corresponding author), Kutnick, P., & Chan, R.Y. (2019). Students’ perceptions of engineers – dimensionality and influences on career aspiration in engineering. International Journal of Technology and Design Education29(3), 421-439.

Chan, K., & Yeung, N.C. (2016). Strategic communication to university students on money management. The 1st Annual Conference of the Public Relations Society of China, the 9th International Forum on Public Relations & Advertising.

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